9 Steps Followed During Wafer Reclaiming

Wafer reclaiming work is a sustainable development for a majority of commercial and industrial customers who need to utilize these services on a regular basis. Speaking of regularity, and in keeping with the sustainability feature, it is possible for used or rejected wafers to be reclaimed several times over. Speaking of numbers in relation to wafer reclaiming services, no less than nine steps are being followed during the wafer reclaiming process.

wafer reclaiming services

The business has the capacity to produce several thousand new or reclaimed wafers in a single working day. This capacity extends across the globe whereby all finished products can be shipped accordingly. Benefits continue to accrue for those clients who continue to utilize this service, with two important benefits being that of cost containment and the centralization of inventory controls. The systems in place are, by now, computerized. Alongside of the centralization, technical support continues to be provided in regard to customers’ unique or customized requirements.

Among the nine steps being used during the wafer reclaiming process, no less than four are devoted to checking, inspections and/or quality control. The very first step followed is the receiving of the goods. The next step is the first inspection. Thereafter, a presorting process commences. Following that, stripping and etching work is followed through. And after the stripping and etching work is completed, the next inspection commences. This inspection ensures that chemical processing work has removed all used patterns and films.

After sorting work is completed, polishing work will proceed. After polishing work is completed, processes of cleaning, spinning, rinsing and drying will commence. Thereafter, the next (visual) inspection commences. The final inspection follows through on KLA 6400 specifications to ensure particle count per specification. And in this brief process, all nine wafer reclaiming steps have been highlighted.