How to Keep Trash Can Odors Out of Your Home

Everyone must dispose of their trash into a can that usually stays in their home until it is taken to the larger outside trash can when the bag becomes full. However, the waste items can really stink up a home very quickly if you aren’t careful. We toss out tons of different things that cause odors, most commonly leftover food and scraps.

If you want to reduce trash odors in your home, use the tips here to help you combat those odors until it’s time for the waste management pinellas county company to pick up the trash and take it to the landfill. Masking odors keeps your home tidy and comfortable and isn’t that hard to complete.

What Are You Tossing Out?

Perhaps composting food is better than tossing it into the trash can. You are helping the environment and yourself when you opt to compost.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have many purposes aside from delivering that piping hot cup of Joe every morning. Among those uses is to mask odors from the garbage can. All that you need to do to mask the odors is pour in some coffee grounds on the bottom of the trash can.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is an all-natural product that many people use for cleaning. They also keep a box opened in their refrigerator to mask odors. So it is only normal that you’d reach for the Baking Soda again when it is time to minimize the odors emitted from the trash can. Place a box in the trash can or sprinkle it is when the time is necessary.

Disinfectant Spray

Keep a bottle of disinfectant spray on hand at all times. This spray eliminates germs and bacteria from the surface and provides a fresh odor in the air.